Lavender Oil :: Our Newest Adventure

In my Master Bedroom post I mentioned that my husband and I have a new business plan in process.  We are starting small and only with one product for now but we are joining the essential oil business. We choose to start with Lavender Oil being that it’s a common and very versatile oil. We plan on slowly adding more to our list as we go! We have done a lot of research, read several reviews to find out what people like/dislike, and spent countless hours on the phone/emails and I believe we have found the best Lavender Oil.

I’ve been using essentials oils in our home for a few years now. Although, I’ve never purchased a specific brand I’d always planned on “someday” buying a full set from Young Living. I am beyond thrilled that we our now selling our own 100% Pure Lavender Oil! Once we received our oil we immediately put it to the test. The first thing I noticed was its strong earthy scent that smelled just like a lavender field! I liked it even more than Young Living’s.

 It wasn’t until we created our own brand that my husband fully understood the benefits of oils. He is a light sleeper and usually doesn’t feel fully rested when he wakes in the morning. He started using our oil on his pillow every night and has never slept better! We have experienced all of the benefits that Lavender Oil offers. To see the full list of benefits and uses check out our product description.

The best part about this is that our Lavender Oil is convenient to purchase. You don’t have to attend any parties or go through a sales consultant to make your purchase. It’s available on Amazon which is a trusted site that offers great shipping and a satisfaction guarantee! If you would like to try our oil you can purchase it HERE.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Master Bedroom :: Relaxing Retreat

I know I know….. I disappeared for awhile! I’ve recently been able to drop to part time hours at work. I have more time for my cute boys and blogging. Hooray! I have been busy working on a new entrepreneur business with my husband though (details to come soon).  All in all I’m finally able to start blogging a little more again!

So, I believe I left off working on my headboard and just finishing my faux brick wall. I’ve finally created the Relaxing Master Bedroom Retreat that I’ve been day dreaming about! I still need artwork, window treatments, and little pieces of decor but it’s finally presentable.  I could give you all of the details on how I changed the paint color a zillion times and the bedding I couldn’t decide on but I think I’ll just share the pretty pictures with you instead!

Here are a few pictures that show a the evolution of my bedroom

This lovely beauty was our very first bedroom set! It wasn’t long before we upgraded to the four post bed.

I was in love with this bed! Unfortunately it was so big that we couldn’t shut the bedroom door. Yep that’s a problem!

I sold the four post bed and began the complete renovation of our bedroom. This was the blank slate I started with!

I am so happy with my finished Master Bedroom and it totally offers the relaxing retreat I was after. I enjoy every aspect of it every day!

Headboard: I recovered and tucked myself. Info to come soon

White Side Table

Gold Wall Sconce this doesn’t look like it’s the exact same one though

Striped Duvet Cover

Chevron Pillow Shams

Paint: Sherwin Williams 7050 Useful Gray

Everything else was purchased over the years from thrift stores and several other places. I hope you’ve enjoyed!

West Elm Wednesday ~ Kantha Line

OH MY OH MY OH MY do I have news for you. West Elm is opening a store in the SLC area at our new City Creek Center! Holla…my husband is so excited I cant wait :) Don’t you fret though I will still gladly share my West Elm faves with you every Wednesday (almost every Wednesday, at least on the weeks that I don’t forget!).

I LOVE almost every single pillow from West Elm but I’ve really been crushing on their Kantha line. I love that each pillow is unique! This is what West Elm has to say about the Kantha pillow, “Pieced and patched. Hand embellished with strips of Kantha fabric. Because every pillow cover is composed of recycled materials, each is subtly one of a kind.”

I love them all!

Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover

Kantha Quilted Pillow Cover

Kantha Jaipur Stripe Pillow Cover

All of these beautiful pillows are 20″ and range from $29 – $34. West Elm use to have a Kantha throw that was awesome! I’ve spotted a few of the throws at my local DownEast Outfitters for an awesome price.

Paint etc.

Nope, I haven’t disappeared again! Things around here are just busy as usual. I’m currently trying to find the perfect paint color for my bedroom and also working on my headboard. First things first…. I made a little trip to Sherwin Williams the other day to look at a few gray paint samples. While I was there I FINALLY got my very own paint chip book! This will make my life soooo much easier! I think the guy at Sherwin Williams was sick of me coming in, grabbing a few paint cards, leaving, and then repeating this three days in a row. Ha.

 I thought I found the “right paint color” for my bedroom but I can’t live with it! The lighting in my bedroom does crazy weird things to my paint colors. For some reason the shade of “white” that I choose is pulling a crazy bright yellow and it’s to dang bright for me!  Here is what I’ve been doing the past week…. starring at paint samples!

Gray can be hard to get right because it pulls blue and purple shades in certain lights. I love all of these colors but the darker ones are too dark for my room and the lighter ones are pulling that blue or purple. You don’t get any of that from this picture but it’s true, promise ;)

I’ve probably spent at least $30 in paint samples… sigh. I gotta get it right this time! After putting a few of the grays next to my wall I decided that they clash really bad. No worries though I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found the right color this time. It’s SW 6035 Gauzy White. It’s the perfect mauvy, whitish, pink lol I know… none of those colors are really the same but depending on the time of day it pulls one of those three colors in my room! It’s lovely :)

 Here is a sneak peak of my headboard. Things didn’t go quite as planned when I started tufting it. I’ve made a compromise but it’s one that I can’t wait to share with you! This headboard is going to ROCK after I’m done tufting all 73 holes. CAN’T WAIT!