Sorry…. no Thriving Thursday vision board yesterday. Ya know when ya get so busy you just flat out forget what day it is lol….. yep that’s where I’m at right now. Here are a few things that have been keeping me really busy …….

I have a vision for my living room. I like my my living room but it’s never been set up/designed the way I really wanted it to be so I don’t exactly love it. I’ll try to put my vision together on a board  for next weeks Thriving Thursday! I’ve been busy searching for thrift store bargains to complete a few things on the to do list and to start on my vision. These are a few of my recent finds. Everything for only 60 bucks! WOOT!

These will go on a  gallery wall that I have planned for my living room that will look something like this……

{source} LOVE IT!

Awesome pendant lights that I plan on fixing up to look something like the Pottery Barn lights below. I think I might have to rewire these bad boys which will by my first….. wish me luck ;)


So…. it’s my b-day on Saturday yep the big TWO EIGHT! Boy does the time fly! It’s amazing how fast the past ten years went by…. all of the things I’ve experienced from 18 to 28….. just crazy. Anyway, I’ve been dying to own a cane rocking chair!  I consider this pretty lady my birthday gift from the DI (local thrift store) because guess what they had today for only 35 bucks…. yep MY CHAIR! Thanks DI…. so thoughtful really….. I LOVE IT! She will receive a lovely coat of paint pretty soon; haven’t decided on the color yet.

Cute little table and a new lamp. I want my lamp to look like the pottery barn lamp below. I’ve read that you can use Krylons Looking Glass paint to get the look but I cant find it ANYWHERE. Any suggestions? The little table needs some TLC. It has a big whole in the top(covered by the lamp) that needs some wood putty. It will also get a coat of paint and some distressing for character.


In the mean time I’ve been working my real job. Yep I’m a phlebotomist AKA everyone’s worst nightmare. I work in the lab at a local hospital drawing blood and processing the specimens. I hope that doesn’t scare you away!  I work full time graveyards 7 on 7 off. Needless to say I’m still trying to figure out how to balance the blogging world. I’m tryin ;)

Now for the most important thing. I’ve been taking care of these two little monsters! They are a lot of fun but man oh man they are a lot of work! I wouldn’t trade it for the world after all they are my best creation :)

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week! I’m still working on my little coffee table and I have a LOT of other things to finish now too! I’ll try to get a few done really soon and post pictures of course! Have a great weekend :)